TV-commercial for a new part of the city of Jönköping, Sweden.

Animation: Pontus Danielsson

Illustration: NY

Client: NY


My adventures as a jungle pilot

A short promo for the book “Mina äventyr som djungelpilot” (My adventures as a jungle pilot). Released in Swedish.

Edit/Animation: Pontus Danielsson

Client: Emil Sergel


Annelie Adventures

A short intro to the video blog of adventurer Annelie Pompe.
Watch her series at

Edit/Animation: Pontus Danielsson

Client: Annelie Pompe


Helly Hansen Ski Free

Helly Hansen Ski Free the movie. A ski movie featuring crowdsourced moments from skiers around the world.

Edit: Pontus Danielsson

Client: Helly Hansen


Pantamera Case film

Case film for Pantamera E-sport campaign.

Story and sound: Johannes Björklund
Art direction and animation: Pontus Danielsson
Client: Cartman Media / Clutch / Scream
End Client: Pantamera



This Is My Style – F&B Case film

Case film for Forsman & Bodenfors’ campaign “This is my style” for Helly Hansen.
Read more about it here.

Art Director: Karl Risenfors
Animation: Pontus Danielsson
Client: Forsman & Bodenfors


Jakten på den ändlösa sommaren – Teaser

Teaser for the documentary “Jakten på den ändlösa sommaren” (Searching for the endless summer).

Edit: Pontus Danielsson
Music: King Romeo

Client: Jack T. Colton


Where we go

A short metaphorical tale about life’s ups and downs.

Design, direction & animation: Pontus Danielsson
Music: Jonathan Geer

Client: Personal project


Volvo Child Seat Concept

A film about Volvo Cars Inflatable Child Seat Concept.

Graphics and editing: Pontus Danielsson

Client: Filmpoint/Volvo Cars


Helly Hansen – First Tracks

In app graphics and demo film for Helly Hansens app First Tracks.

Art Director: Karl Risenfors
Copywriter: Rikke Jacobsen
Post Production: Pontus Danielsson
Music: Karl Risenfors

Client: Forsman&Bodenfors

Barely Breathing – Title Sequence

Title sequence for Barely Breathing on EpicTV.

Client: Sergel Media


Volvo Cars – Concept Coupe Teaser #3

Teaser #3/3 for Volvo’s Concept Coupe.

Agency: Jung Relations
Client: Filmpoint Communication


Unident – the power of one

Salesfilm for Unident.

Director and Art Director: Vadim Dubrov
Animation: Pontus Danielsson

Client: Vadim Dubrov


Appiness – Promo video

Promo video for the app Appiness by Annelie Pompe.

Client: Annelie Pompe


Schulman Show – Opening Sequence

Opening sequence to the swedish talkshow Schulman Show.

Client: Hard Hat Media


SKF – One Bright idea

Director: Mikael Wikström
Graphics and Animations: Pontus Danielsson, Johan Lindhe, Emma Kjellstrand
Producer: Magnus Boldyn
Copywriter: Stephanie Johansson
Line Producer: Gun Hansen

Client: Stark Corporate Communication


Volvo – VCC Vista

A movie for Volvo Group VCC Vista, a biannual customer service training competition, reflecting over the last 40 years.

Directed by: Michael Wikström
Art direction: Vadim Dubrov
3D, compositing, animation: Pontus Danielsson
Sound: Ulf Kjellberg

Client: Stark Corporate Communication


Volvo Group – Origami

Corporate film to present Volvo Group at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

Directed by: Torbjörn Martin
Art direction: Vadim Dubrov
Compositing, animation, rigging and rendering: Daniel Bladini, Pontus Danielsson, Mikael Nordenström
Sound: Ulf Kjellberg
Music: Dan Lissvik

Client: Stark Corporate communication